10 Best Workout and Exercise Apps for Android 2023

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or just a regular guy looking for motivation to get in shape, having the right type of exercise and workout app for your android can make a huge difference.

Workout and exercise apps are great for monitoring, handling, and keeping up with your fitness goals. Furthermore, most fitness apps give you access to a collection of on-demand workout videos and the ability to log your workouts and monitor your progress. In short, the right app can serve as a digital fitness instructor or training partner to keep you focused and accountable.

But, with so many options available, how does one choose the best app for themselves? After comparing hundreds of workout and exercise apps on the market, we selected a few that are excellent for you.

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10 Best Exercise and workout apps for Android

10 Best Workout and Exercise Apps for Android

Here is a list of the 10 best exercise and workout apps for android to help you plan, organize, and monitor your workouts to ensure you get the most out of them.

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1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is the best workout and exercise app for android currently available. It tracks your activity, provides workout routines, assists you in calorie counting, and even collaborates with over 50 other workout devices and apps.

In short, almost anything fitness-related can be micromanaged here. You can even scan barcodes on food containers, import recipes, and track your steps while keeping track of your macronutrients.

MyFitnessPal - 10 best exercise and workout apps for android

2. Google Fit

Google Fit aims to provide you with a platform where you can exercise in the convenience of your own home. The app uses your health-related information, such as nutrients, body measurements, heartbeat, and sleep timing, to devise a strategy to help you live a healthier life.

You can also track your workouts using your phone, watch, and other Google Fit devices. Furthermore, it tracks your moves and proposes the AHA guidelines to help you stay healthy.

Google Fit - 10 best exercise and workout apps for android

3. Nike Training Club

Nike training club is an exercise and workout app that proclaims itself as your “ultimate personal trainer,” It comes with over 185 free workouts ranging from endurance and strength routines to agility and meditation sessions.

The app offers daily suggestions, which become more personalized as you log more workout sessions. There are numerous equipment-free workouts available that will help you achieve your goal while also leaving you sore the next day.

Nike training Club - 10 best exercise and workout apps for android

4. Fitbit

If you want to take your fitness tracking to a new level, the Fitbit app is for you. It will record your data and help push you forward toward your targets. You’ll receive personalized advice and workout plans using your Fitbit information.

You can begin with their suggested exercises and progress to the customized workouts that are only available to Premium users.

Fitbit - 10 best exercise and workout apps for android

5. Peloton

The Peloton exercise and workout app will be the best option for you and your android if you cannot purchase a Peloton exercise bike or Tread.  You can choose from countless interactive classes that will strengthen, tone, and give you that Peloton buzz.

There are also different training collections that make it simpler to locate a variety of workout sessions by categories, such as resilience for runners, heavy resistance training, or Yoga and Pilates.


6. Home Workout

If you’re searching for an app to help you focus on your workout plan at home, Home Workout is one of the best options. The app requests your weight and height so that you can begin creating a personal account to monitor your fitness routine.

It involves exercises that don’t demand any equipment and can be done at home, such as warmups and stretches, which are essential for avoiding injuries. The app even provides daily reminders to help you get started with your regular workout routines.

Home Workout

7. Aaptive

Aaptive Workout App provides a variety of workouts, such as yoga and cardio, that can only be done at home. It is an interactive app that encourages users to maintain their health while removing clutter.

The app is simple to download, use, and take the fitness assessment that will help you reach your fitness objectives.


8. Couch to 5k

Couch to 5k is a fitness and workout app that offers a 9-week running plan. The app shows pace and distance scores in an easy-to-read chart, allowing users to track their progress.

The app allows users to select one of four different mentors and listen to their favorite music while calculating distance and pace using a Tracking device. If users stick to this training schedule, it can even train them to run five kilometers.

Couch to 5K

9. Workit

Workit is a free Android app that lets you quickly enter information, develop routines, log workout sessions, and visualize your improvement. There are hundreds of exercises with summaries, visuals, and YouTube clip links. 

You can start with some of their popular programs or create your own. You can even load with confidence thanks to a helpful plate-racking calculator.

Workit - 10 best exercise and workout apps for android

10. Hybrid

Last on our list is hybrid. This strength-training workout app for android allows you to create your workout routines, practice your form with move recordings, log your workouts, and even monitor your progress.

It offers numerous initiatives that vary by target, experience level, number of days per week, and workout duration. You can start receiving guidance and assistance from Hybrid trainers, who can ensure that your strategy is proper and that you remain motivated throughout the plan.

Hybrid training - 10 best exercise and workout apps for android

Final Thoughts

The best workout app for you will cover the exercises you want to do at a level that is right for you. It should ideally allow additional levels of expertise, allowing you to force yourself to the next level as you get fit and healthy. 

We hope our list of the 10 best workout and fitness apps for android might ease your trouble and help you find the perfect app for your android.


  • Are there free exercise and workout apps available for androids?

Yes, hundreds of free exercise and workout apps for androids are available.

  • Are exercise and workout apps for android reliable?

These fitness apps can be highly effective and reliable for fitness and weight loss. They provide a simple and cost-effective way to get in form, with reputable apps including proper training guidance and workouts.