JT WhatsApp Apk Download v9.63 [Hack] 2023

Hi friends. Today we are going to tell you about a new whatsapp mod application called JT Whatsapp Apk for android mobiles. JTwhatsapp implemented by Jimtechs and released in 2020.

It is completely free and the best whatsapp mod apk since 2020.

Almost 5 billion people are using whatsapp from all over the world. It is a very habituated messenger app. And it is used to send messages, Images/Videos, Voice Messages and video calls to our loved ones. Well, We all need this messenger app to ease our communication. And yet some implementations are required for customizing and to improve functionality when comparing with original whatsapp.

There are some restrictions on sending bulk messages to multiple devices at once. And also there is a minimized storage file that can be allowed to send. In day to day life, smartphone features and technology is changing rapidly and Smartphone camera features also increased to 108 megapixels. If you shoot with a 108 MP camera, one snap takes almost 15 MB storage from disk. Whatsapp is allowed to send 16 MB data files only. It is also compressing the file size and image quality while sending the high data images and files. That is a pretty disappointing feature in the entire whatsapp.

What is JT WhatsApp Apk?

JT WhatsApp Is the modified version of the original whatsapp created by Jimstech. It is the best modified whatsApp Apk since last year. It has a bunch of features to entertain users with multiple functionality and customization. You can change the entire theme of whatsapp from ugly green theme.

JTwhatsapp is allowed to send almost 90 mb data files without compression; earlier it was allowed to send 16 Mb only.

Don’t forget to backup your data from whatsapp.

If you are using an official WhatsApp account and want to try JTWhatsapp, you can do it without having your account deleted. You just have to uninstall original whatsapp and then install JTwhatsapp. All your data and contacts you chatted with are back for you to use normally. The best thing in this app is Anti-Ban and it is the most liked feature.

If you download the JTWhatsapp Apk there are a bunch of features available in the app. And you absolutely love it.

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JT WhatsApp Features

  • Use two WhatsApp accounts in same mobile, just like dual WhatsApp.
  • There are tens of themes available to customize your app as you wish. 
  • No need to worry about large files more than 16 MB, this was changed to 30 MB. You can send files up to 30 MB at a time. 
  • You can send 90 Images at once, originally it was 30.
  • You can customize elements like colors, icons and text etc.. 
  • Using this app there is no auto compression on images you can send original size images without compression. 
  • Status characters also increased to 250 from 139.
  • Without saving a contact number, you can chat with anyone. This is the feature everybody wants. 
  • Hide last last seen while online. 
  • It supports all file formats.
JT WhatsApp Apk

JT WhatsApp Apk Download for Android

Version Details

App NameJT WhatsApp Apk
Size47 MB
Current Versionv9.63
Installs10 M+
Android Requires5.0 +
Last Updated19 Apr 2023

How To Install JT WhatsApp App?

First of all take a backup of your WhatsApp data to your google drive and Uninstall the original whatsapp after that download JT WhatsApp from our site.

If you want to use dual whatsapp in your phone then no need to uninstall the actual account you have from Whatsapp. Simply download JT WhatsApp and install and chose another number to activate dual.

  • Step 1: Enable unknown Sources option from android settings.
  • Step 2: Click on downloaded .apk file to install.
  • Step 3: Tap on open and complete the permision that should be enable to complete the process.

That’s it, you can enjoy better customization and good functionality WhatsApp features from JTWhatsApp App.

JT WhatsApp Apk

Final words

JT WhatsApp App has the best privacy and secure app but you need to download from trusted websites like hacker guys. So that your mobile is not affected by malware and viruses. 

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