Reface Mod Apk Download v3.35.1 [Pro] [No Watermark] 2023

Hi All, I am here today with excellent face swap app which is Reface Mod APK. Wonder what is it all about and want to know how it works. face swap apps are very popular now a days. From that category Reface gained a lot of popularity and fame from users who are using reface Pro Apk.

Not only normal people, celebrities are also using this app to entertain their audiance in social media. Using your selfie you can simply swap your face with celebrity faces. It is also available in google play store.

Reface Mod Apk

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What Is Reface Mod Apk?

Reface Mod Apk is an awesome AI app which swaps faces in videos and gifs in just a seconds. It uses Artificial Intelligence to make the videos and Gifs by just swapping faces. It is top rated and took first place in USA App Store very soon after it got released.

Original Reface app is in app purchase category which costs money to make out of the app features when you want to download it from any android or apple App Stores. However we are providing you a modded version of Reface Premium which gives you a lot of pro features and best part it is totally free to use.

Previously Duplicate is the name of the app but then changed to Reface and gained popularity on App Stores for getting a lot of user downloads.

Reface Mod apk

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How Reface Mod Apk Works?

Reface app allows user to put their faces on top of popular videos and GIFs. It uses face swap for making changes on the original video and GIFs you wanted.

Reface mod apk is an entertainment app which has got millions of downloads and popularity around the world. Since official app comes with purchase pro features, we are providing modded version of this app with all premium features for free.

Reface Mod Apk Features

  • Unlimited popular video clips from movies to swap your face with.
Reface Mod Apk
  • No watermark on videos and comes with free pro features.
  • As the name indicates, reface your photo with celebrity or actor on your favourite scene or clip of the actor from famous movies or GIFS.
Reface Mod Apk
  • Save the videos on your mobile device directly and you can share them with family and friends.
  • Search and select most funny GIFs to make them even funnier by swapping with your own face.
  • It has got super cool videos and GIFs updated every week for you to try and enjoy with swapping faces with your favourite superheroes, celebrities, pop singers and etc.

How To Download Reface Premium APK?

Once you have downloaded the app, you get to see so many popular video clips available on app for you to select any video that you like. Change the video just with one click of your image. It is super fun to see and happily share with your people to have more fun.

Version Details

NameReface Pro APK
Size20 MB
Current Versionv3.35.1
Requires Android6.0 +
Installs50 M+
Last Updated18 Apr 2023

How to Install Reface Mod APK?

Step 1: While installing the .apk file you should enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ option from you android mobile settings.

Unknown Sources

Step 2: Now click on downloaded .apk file for installing.

Step 3: After completion of installation you should open the app.


That’s it, all reface pro options enabled. Now you can create unlimited videos without watermark.

Final Words

Reface Mod APK gives you fun and entertainment in its cool way of making amazing videos just by swapping your face with Oscar winning actors to comic roles that are so popular all-around world. Moreover, reface apk provides you immense popularity and fun filled with joy if you get most of its features and pro-options it offers.

Hope you find this post helpful and believe you download this APK and enjoy its super fun features. Lets get most of it and make your family and friends amazed with your refacing videos and GIFs.