UFO VPN Mod Apk Download v4.0.9 [unlimited] 2023

In today’s world, the necessity to have your internet connection protected and secured is undeniable, especially when you have to continuously be cautious of potential risks online and evade content bans by your internet provider. If you’re looking for a free VPN to mask your IP address or location while also increasing your internet speed, then UFO VPN Mod Apk is your app.

The app’s basic and easy-to-use features allow users to engage in anonymous online adventures swiftly. It provides limitless bandwidth and allows you to browse any website or online material without being censored or traced.

Want to know about UFO VPN Mod Apk? Then keep reading as we will also discuss its features in detail.

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What is UFO VPN MOD Apk?

UFO VPN Mod APK is a modded version of the original UFO VPN APK that allows individuals to surf the internet anonymously and with some additional features. The goal of this Modified version is to assist individuals in obtaining the full services of the UFO VPN application for free.

This application allows you to hide your IP address. When using UFO VPN, you don’t have to worry about the hacker tracking you down and using your private information to scare you. Spammers cannot terrify you when accessing any web page in ufo VPN apk cracked since they do not know your IP address.

All limits are lifted in this version, allowing you to utilize premium servers for as long as you wish. There are no advertisements, and you may enjoy a high-speed connection with the free premium versions. You can get VIP accounts and even premium subscriptions without paying a single penny.


Features of UFO VPN Mod Apk

The UFO VPN Mod Apk has many essential functions. Users may watch online TV shows without having to deal with advertisements. There’s no need to install any extra software or plug-ins. The installation procedure is quick and simple. It will automatically install when you download it. 

You may also use this software on any Android smartphone to get the finest browsing experience.  Some of these characteristics are addressed in further depth below:-

Simple and Easy-to-use Interface

UFO VPN Apk is quite basic and straightforward to use. The main page has the protocol, connectivity location, connection time, and connection status.

The region, procedure, and site options are under the menu tab on the left side of the screen. Choose the appropriate option if you wish to choose an option. Otherwise, you may leave them in auto mode, and the software will set itself completely by default.


Fastest VPN Connection

This is a critical element of any VPN. UFO VPN has invested in installing servers in various geographical regions across the world, mostly in Asia, Europe, the Americas, the Pacific, and other regions.

It does not limit the speed or bandwidth of the user’s internet access, allowing it to give the greatest performance possible when browsing the internet.


Fake IP Address

UFO VPN generates fake IP addresses whenever the user connects to a VPN connection. This IP address is supplied momentarily by the application until the user terminates the connection.

Gamers and restricted website visitors mostly utilize this function. Many games are only available in certain countries. Other nation and network users will be unable to access such games. Inside, the application will provide the required nation and a bogus IP address. As a result, you may use a nation-based fake IP address to activate a specific country VPN.


Availability In Multiple Languages

UFO VPN for PC only supports English. However, the smartphone app supports Portuguese, French, Spanish, Chinese, and other languages.

You may also help translate the application if you wish to use UFO VPN in a language that isn’t on the list. All that remains is for you to submit your request and wait for a response from the firm.


Download UFO VPN Mod Apk

Version Information

Last Updated30 Jan 2023
Size36 MB
Installs10 M+
Current Versionv4.0.9
Requires Android6.0 and up
AdvantagesPremium Unlocked

How to Install UFO VPN Mod Apk?

  1. Enble the ‘Unknown Sources’ option from android mobile settings.
  2. Click on downloaded apk file to install the app.
  3. After complition of installation, just tap on open.

That’s it, now you can browse on any public wifi with data protection and privacy.

Final Words

UFO VPN MOD Apk is one of the best VPN apps on the internet. You can get access to all the premium servers through this modded version. It has servers worldwide, including America, England, China, India, Japan, and Brazil.

It provides fast service, gets connected within seconds, and establishes a strong connection. You can download this modded version for free and unlock the premium features of this VPN.


  • What exactly is the UFO VPN MOD App?

It is a modified version of the app that grants you access to all of its premium features for free.

  • Is UFO VPN MOD Apk free and safe to use?

Yes, this Mod APK is completely free, quick, and secure.

  • Can we use UFO VPN MOD Apk anytime?

There is no time limit on how long you may use this app. You may use it as much as you want, anytime you want.

  • Can we download UFO VPN MOD Apk for free?

Yes, Users do not need to pay any amount to download this file.