10 Best Music Player Apps for Android 2023

Do you enjoy listening to music as much as we do? Do you ever wish to find the best music player apps for your android in order to get the finest music experience possible? If you answered yes and want to make the best decision, keep reading!

Music on your phone is likely one of the most common ways to take advantage of android. Whether running, walking, or studying, having your favorite music nearby positively affects your day.

The Google Play Store is overflowing with music apps. And since there are so many, finding the best Android apps for your needs can be challenging.

To assist you in filtering through the options, we’ve made a list of the 10 best music player apps for android that are available. Whether you want something that can play audiophile-quality songs or prefer to stream, we’ve got you covered.

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10 Best Music Player Apps for Android

10 Best Music Player Apps for Android

1. Spotify

Spotify is, without a doubt, the best music player app for Android devices right now. It has a huge library of tracks from multiple genres and artists, as well as podcast support, making it a one-stop shop for all your songs and podcast needs.

Users have access to extra features like downloading songs for offline listening and higher-quality audio with the paid version of Spotify, which is Spotify Premium. At last, one of Spotify’s main qualities is its personalized suggestions based on your listening history and what is popular in your area.

Spotify - Best Music Player Apps for Android

2. YouTube Music

YouTube Music is everyone’s favorite music player app for smooth music streaming. It is simple to use and available for free download to everyone. It allows you to listen to free, ad-supported radio based on genres and songs you like.

Furthermore, this app has a simple User Interface with simple and plain colors, which makes it appear even more appealing.

YouTube Music - Best Music Player Apps for Android

3. PlayerPro

PlayerPro music player is another Android music player with some distinctive features. It lets you customize the Player’s user interface. It also has grid and list views and smart playlists that can be organized by Recently Added, Recently Played, Top Rated, Most Played, and other criteria. 

The ability of “PlayerPro” to play various music formats will give you an unforgettable experience.

PlayerPro - Best Music Player Apps for Android

4. JetAudio HD

JetAudio HD’s Android music player is available in both free and premium form. However, the free version gives you so much features that you will not need to buy the premium one.

The free version includes an equalizer with numerous presets, effects such as echo, and playback speed control. In contrast, the paid version includes a 20-band equalizer, a built-in tag editor, over a dozen widgets, and many other high-quality features.

JetAudio HD Music Player - Best Music Player Apps for Android

5. Neutron Music Player

Neutron Music Player is not as visually appealing as some of the other apps on our list of the best music players for android, but it is one of the most audiophile level apps available now. It adds support for all audio codecs, a parameter equalizer, bit-perfect replay, and all the other functions you’d anticipate from an audiophile-grade music app.

Furthermore, it has a platform-independent in-house 32/64-bit audio engine that performs best at playing high-resolution audio straight to the DAC.

Neutron Music Player - Best Music Player Apps for Android

6. Pixel Player

Pixel Player isn’t as famous as some of the other apps on our list, but it is still an incredible music player for android. While Pixel only allows basic file formats, it does include a five-band equalizer with bass uplift, gapless rewind, a built-in tag editor, and a few editing tools like themes and colors.

Most importantly, Pixel Player can monitor your listening habits and recommend more music that suits your preferences.

Pixel music Player

7. Tidal

Tidal is yet another excellent music player for android. This music player’s best feature is streaming high-quality songs to its users. It can play music in 320kbps AAC or lossless FLAC format.

The music player has a library of over 70 million songs to listen to. There are also 250,000 ad-free music videos available. In a nutshell, listening feels incredible.

Tidal Music

8. HiBy Music

If you’re need lossless hi-fi audio music player for your android, then HiBy Music should be your choice. The app has direct USB audio output, which is great if you use a USB DAC. There’s also a 10-band EQ built in.

Finally, it is entirely free to use, making it a fantastic option for all audiophiles.

HiBy Music Player


AIMP is ideal for those looking for a player with the proper handling of music files. With this music player app, you’ll have all the resources you need to use your music files in any way you want.

It has advanced features such as customizable shortcut keys, a file browser, and a large number of plug-ins to choose from. You can even personalize everything to your specific needs.


10. Musicolet

Musicolet is last on our list and, surprisingly, the only music player on android that enables you to set up to 20 different queues while one is currently playing. Although the UI could be significantly improved, it compensates for this with its distinctive features.

One feature that makes Musicolet appealing is that it runs wonderfully well without the need for an internet connection.


Final Thoughts

The music player apps for android are unquestionably useful if you want to enjoy good songs in your everyday life.

After reading this review article about the 10 best music player apps for android, you should have no doubts about which one is best for you.


  • Is there an MP3 player built into android?

Yes, mp3 players exist on Android phones in the form of music apps. Android phones include a stock music app, but numerous free alternatives exist.

  • Is there a free offline music player app available for android?

Yes, there are numerous free offline music player apps available for android. These have Bollywood and Hollywood songs, and the data rate is 320 Kbps, which is ideal for earpiece and headphone users.